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If ghosts from the past are strangling your present, if fears keep you from your life, or if grief has you frozen, you have come to the right place. I have successfully treated adults with trauma histories, disturbing memories, severe anxiety and panic attacks, and paralyzing or frozen grief. I respect my clients’ spirituality and am familiar with Christian theology and the Church of the Latter Day Saints. I employ hypnotherapy where indicated. My goal is that therapy be quick and effective. I use rapid resolution therapy which employs imagination, hypnotherapy, relaxation, reframing and utilizing the client’s strengths. I do not encourage clients to relive traumatic experiences but use other methods to remove the power of past hurtful experiences and memories. I have lost a husband and son and have personal experience with grief. I worked in corporate America for 25 years and regard this life experience as helpful to my clients. I also wish to make services available to clients who are not insured and who cannot otherwise afford therapy.  I employ a sliding scale. You pay what is affordable for you between $20 and $100. I do not accept insurance.

Carol Hayes, MS, LAPC, NCC

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